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Keep in mind that the server rules also needs to be respected on the forums !

|| Forum Rules ||

Post Farming
This includes tiny posts for no reason, +1/-1 on Ban reports and ban appeals. And the obvious other post farming methods. Punishments for this will be post deletion, warnings, and if it keeps up, forum ban. Post farming can be defined as three things; a post that is irrelevant to the thread, a post that has already been stated by another player or a post that may be on topic and original however, it contributes nothing to the thread. This being said posts like 'Thank you' for a reponse on a troubleshooting thread are not post farming, they are simply giving a reaction to help someone has provided them. [This includes just pointing out others are post farming, there's a report button for a reason.]

Creating Troll Reports
Creating troll reports is not not necessary and just creates unnecessary hassle for the person dealing with reports, keep things professional, please.

Rates Farming
Yes, I actually have to add this, it's sad. But farming ratings is against the rules. Do not mass like posts. This is punishable by rating removal, removal of ability to even use ratings, and your ratings reset.

Creating threads with one or two words. Usually this is just to spam or boost post count.

Troll staff applications, staff reports, and accounts will be warned or banned.

Do not repost/recreate threads which were locked or deleted by staff.

As with the server rules, respect the staff and players.

Posting the ip's for other servers is insta-ban from forums worthy and can result in a ban from the server as well. Mentioning the names of other servers (“Come get on *Insert Server name here* with me”) is punishable by warning and nothing more unless it becomes excessive. Advertising IRL trades and other forms of advertising are also prohibited.

Making Forum Accounts
Forum alts are not allowed; having one will result in a ban
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